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Mackenzie Lewis, LMFT, Owner / Relationship Therapist

Mackenzie Lewis, LMFT is a proud Alum of East Carolina University, where she received her Bachelors of Arts, Psychology (2006) and Masters of Science, Marriage and Family Therapy (2009). Mackenzie received her full Marriage and Family Therapy License in 2011 and has worked in many different capacities in the mental health field. She is also very passionate about reducing the stigma around mental health and increasing access to quality care in rural communities.

Originally from Eastern North Carolina, Mackenzie has grown up with a strong sense of community, a need to make positive change, and a deep love and admiration for the first responders and military personnel that help keep our community safe. As a mom of two and step-mom of three more, Mackenzie understands the complexities that come with divorce, co-parenting and blending families. 

Jorge Lewis, Owner / Life Coach

Since retiring from law enforcement, Jorge Lewis has looked for ways to continue to help the community in which he lives. He has brought all of the knowledge and experience gained through law enforcement to help first responders and military personnel process the strain being the first line of defense takes on a person's mental health and intimate relationships. Jorge is also passionate about reducing mental health stigma and increasing access to quality services for those that may be to afraid to ask for help.

Jorge, along with his four sisters, grew up in Miami where his creativeness, generous heart and protective nature were cultivated and grown before coming to North Carolina. As a father of three and step-dad of two more, Jorge understands the difficulties that come with divorce, blending families, and co-parenting.